Friday, March 31, 2006

You're not gonna believe this.

First, I'm up early. Yeah. 5:45am.

Second... it'll be snowing in Yosemite all day today until late tomorrow. Poetic justice or just really bad luck? We'll see!

We're going, though. Like some pioneer family. Braving the elements to see the wonders of God's good creation. Should be fantastic! And... cold.

Gotta run. We're actually getting in the car to head down to Derek's folks' place. They have a campstove and firewood and a hatchet. Should come in handy with the bears.


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Niki said...

Sometimes the best laid

Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation. I can't believe you even bought SPAM - YUK!!! You know, it's perfectly legal to eat GOOD food while camping out! We've got some great Boy Scout recipes I'll have to send you before your next outdoor adventure. Call me when you get back. Benny is gone again this weekend -'til Sunday afternoon.