Monday, November 05, 2007

My creative mind has been a barren wasteland for a few months. And, today... creative juices sprinkled on the cracked surface just a little bit.

I've just started a new painting... I'm trying something I've never done before. Impressionist art. I saw something tonight that fixed an image in my mind. Something I just had to put on a canvas. So far so good. It's not exactly what I imagined, so I think I'll be revisiting the canvas again tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll wash the cerulean and prussian blue off the ends of my fingers, wash the paintbrushes and call it a night.

We've moved from our first rental into a new home. Built in 1945 but new to us.

We moved because we found the first home to be full of mold. And at first I thought it wouldn't affect me much. But soon I started finding myself sleeping a whole lot more than usual. Sleeping in and having to take several catnaps throughout the day. Eventually we moved out of our bedroom (the worst of the mold was there), and things started to get a little better. But, symptoms like unclear thinking, rashes, postnasal drip, nausea started to overwhelm me. And, apparently I was the most susceptable. The kids were upstairs away from the bulk of it. And, I'm glad. Derek started becoming symptomatic here in these last few weeks as well. It was a good decision leave. I just hope the effects aren't permanent.

But... on to the new house.

I'm sitting in my new studio. I have my art desk, easel and computer in an angular room in the attic. A small window faces west with a great view of the mountians behind our very large weeping willow. Fabulous! I keep the fridge downstairs so I'll leave this nook every once in a while.

The house is colourful, clean, bright, and well maintained. A real jewel.

I have a garden outside that both delights and challenges me. I've never gardened. Okay. I actually have a reputation as a plant killer. But let's keep that between you and me. I heard that plants listen. (A kooky, dirty fingernailed plant lover told me that once...) I hope to be up to the challenge. I spent an hour raking the garden under the weeping willow and have the sore hamstrings to prove it.

So once again life has taken a turn... and I'm enjoying the ride.



Deb L said...

Congrats on the new place :) I love old 'new' houses. I think they have a sense of character that new houses lack. I guess I'm just not fond of suburbia cookie-cutter houses.

Oh, and plants do listen. It's why mine are still living even when I forget to water them for days on end. *oops* hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hey jen
your house looks adorable the garden should inspire you. i'll have to come see it one of these days

Dale Sheehy said...

Lovely home! Glad that you were able to get out of the moldy one!

*Le Anna* said...

I forgot you had this blog. Found it today through the Sisterhood of the Pants blog. I went back and read all your posts to catch up on everything. Love the new house and yard - so glad you got out of the moldy one. Maybe you can email me sometime and we can catch up?