Monday, March 05, 2012

I've been gone for a while. Well, not GONE... just not present. I've been on somewhat of a journey... and to catch up would take too long, so I'll just start with today.
Injured, healing and burdened with a hefty schoolwork load, I've been feeling the pressure of daily life. Admittedly, sometime between worship service and our parenting class, I flopped on the bed unwilling to move. Sundays are hard on me.
But, today is Monday. And all I can do is check today's task list and work from there.
Edit photos. Write my impression vignettes. Sketches for my next painting. Prepare for a roast beef dinner for our tenants tonight.
(I just looked outside thinking "I might take a walk around the's sunny out"... and it IS sunny... AND snowing. WTH?!)
Life has been predictable and pressured. Neither of those are my favourite things. I can handle the pressure when it's not predictable. I can handle predictability without the pressure.
Or perhaps.... it's the predictability that creates the pressure. If that's it, I'm in trouble. Something tells me life after 40 is quite predictable.
I'm gonna close my computer now, and write up those impression vignettes. Sip on my coffee. And, now that it's done snowing and just pure sunshine, I'll throw on some shades and go for a drive...
Missed being here... where I almost feel... anonymous. Almost.