Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Funniest thing happened to me yesterday. Had it happened a month ago, I'd have been mortified. Had it happened during that very special time of the month I'd have been outraged. But, as it was, it was hilarious. At the time.
I was visiting a church member at the hospital... she had just had a baby... I waiting to be let inside the Labour and Delivery doors. I was dressed in my black with white striped workout pants, flipflops, and my long v-neck t-shirt. Casual. Hair dolled up... make up on. Thought I looked cute. My husband was there with me... looking away at the map of the floor.
A hospital worker walked up and stood beside me. She was waiting for the doors to open too. She mumbled apologetically about being in the way. I smiled, and said "No problem". She looked around me to the front of us, and a look of suprise came over her face... "Oh my goodness! Your'e in labour!"...
"Uh... no..." I stated. Then... deep down inside... I started grinning. It struck me as funny. She thought I was at full term and I was just fat! I was wearing what looked like a comfy outfit for labour... but I was just trying to look sporty. She had just made the biggest blunder a woman could make with another woman... and I was about to die laughing! I shoulda been hurt... but I was trying so hard not to just erupt into laughter!
She looked stunned... and couldn't speak another word. Couldn't even muster up some sort of explanation or apology. Poor thing. I'd rather be me than her in that situation.
I grinned and turned away... trying so hard not to giggle. Derek had found the right doors and we started down the hall way.
I asked him if he'd overheard our conversation. He said "no". I told him. He looked at me blankly. He was probably thinking... "Oh My Gosh... how's she gonna react? What kind of damage am I going to have to repair here? One careless comment is HOW many hours of reassurance?" I'm sure his mind was racing. How was he going to have to deal with me for the next few hours... days?
I told him how I almost hit the floor laughing.
"Really?!" he asked. A bit shocked.
"Really." I assured him.
I explained that I had already had it in my mind that these were the last days of me being careless with my body. I had allowed circumstances to shape me... literally. And, I told him that it just fueled the fire within me... a reminder of WHY things needed to change. A funny reminder.
I know that lady probably went home mortified. I should have let her off the hook and laughed in front of her. Woulda made her feel somewhat better. But... the incident... the wake up call... the "cringe moment"... was really for me.
I'm taking pains to change my lifestyle. This body is a tool, meant for good service to God... and at this point I take better care of my car than I do of my body. (Which reminds me... my car needs an oil change.)
In the meantime... it turns out that we really CAN choose our responses to things...
I still think it's funny...

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Deb L said...

Hey :)

Glad to hear there are some positive things going for you and your family right now.

Sorry to hear about the nurse, though I do agree it is really funny. I'm one of those people who sticks my foot in my mouth, and in my lifetime I've asked a not-pregnant woman if she's pregnant, not once, but TWICE.

I've learned my lesson though. Now I just wait until someone says something first. heh.

Fall in the Ozarks should be lovely- maybe you can find/make some time in your "overhauling you" plan to go on some long walks.