Saturday, September 23, 2006

I only have a minute before a hundred kids start coming through the door for the late Saturday morning pancake breakfast we are hosting here in our home. But, I wanted to share with you just a few things. Okay, one thing. (Remember, I'm out of time...) I've decided to take writing more seriously. I'd like to be a writer some day. Maybe even get published. (Try to stiffle the giggles.) I feel like I have a hundred ideas floating in my mind... and it's time they landed on paper. So... I have just had my computer fixed. Bought a book on writing "The Writer's Idea Book" by Heffron. Heffron... sounds like a spice. Anyway... I'll start writing here. I'll post my articles, stories and poems... my exercises here. Hope they amuse some, inspire others and make their way into a book. Uh... MY book. Hehe. Gotta get the sausage patties, um, patted. See ya!-Jennifer-


Deb L said...

You should check out nanowrimo (it should be near the top google results if you do a search for it). It's a no-pressure, write a novel in a month, goofy silly writing exercise that takes place in November. :) I didn't get very far in past years (infants and lack of sleep will do that to a person), but I have high hopes of finishing the NaNo challenge this year.

50,000 words in a month? suuuure I can do it! Maybe at the end of it, I will have something I can revise into a GOOD book. Maybe you could too! :D

Niki said...

I'm excited for you and I would LOVE to read your thoughts! How do we keep losing touch these past few months? good grief! I need to chat with you soon. Write on sister!