Friday, February 03, 2006

I know I should be blogging. So much is going on. But I'll just start where I'm at instead of trying to make up for lost blogs. Sigh. First of all... something's wrong with my computer. It won't let me hit "enter" to make a new paragraph. So, the structure of this thing is gonna drive you mad. It did me. I have coffee shoppe tonight. I'll finally paint the aprons for the volunteers. Haven't taken the time to create the mural I wanted, though. That day will come soon enough. My strong, German, massage therapist who lives upstairs is moving out today. Waaaaaaaahhhh! Sniff. Good news is... she's moving down the street from my church! Yay! Whew. This rollercoaster is gonna do me in! I'm not only into a new fitness lifestyle, my house is going on a diet. I moved from a large, LARGE, three bedroom house with four acres and a sheep and a goat and a two-car gargage to an apartment, no garage. It's been a squeeze. So... I pulled out one of my favourite books: Organising From The Inside, Out by Julie Morganstern, and another favourite: Confessions of an Organised Homemaker. Dunno who the author is. Picked up some dishpans today, labels and price tags. I'm also the queen of hosting garage sales. Gonna make some money off of this house-diet, make no mistake! Gotta go pick up the kids. Hit water-aerobics today... did a little shopping... gonna pick up some boxes from Kinko's to organise with. Have coffee shoppe tonight. Might be the only staff there, but I can hang! It's cool! My life is nuts.. pray for me! -Jennifer-

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