Monday, January 23, 2006

Taught my kid how to milk a cow yesterday. My bio mom called a few minutes ago and offered me $2000 CND to take a trip to Canada. Wondering if blueberries have enough fiber and anti-oxidants to make up for it's carb count.

What should I start with?

Comedian was doing dishes last night and filled a yellow kitchen glove with water. He asked me if I thought it looked like a cow. ("Well, not a COW...", I thought... but I knew what he was getting at, and I didn't know if I wanted the word "teats" in his vocabulary.) BUT... never missing a moment to teach my city-slicker kids ANYTHING about the country, I offered to teach him how to milk a cow... using the water and soap filled yellow glove. I had him hold the glove up. Explained how there were holes at the tips and that milk would come out if you squeezed from the top to the bottom... like so. I pumped the fingertips firmly from top to bottom and once I was sure he understood the technique, it was his turn. I held the glove up high, just in time for Derek to peer in from the living room. "Uh... what are you doing?" he inquired. "Teaching my son to milk a cow." I replied blandly. Puzzled and amused, he turned away, chalking it up to another Jennifer/Comedian moment.

I'll write my thoughts about the call from my bio mom when I return.

If I return. Hmmmmm?


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