Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm sick. I'm wrapped in my new red fuzzy blanket and at my computer far too late at night. The rumbly in my tumbly is keeping me awake... and freaking my husband out.
Don't feel sorry for me, though. It was those darn sugar-free gummy bears. Oh, sure... they look harmless... I've had a run in with them before. No pun intended. Be right back...
So... this low carb diet has got to be done right or it will do you in. Apparently you can't wigg out on sugarfree stuff just like you couldn't pigg out on the sugar filled confectionaries. Sugar makes you fat... sugar free makes you bloated. Fat... bloated... I'd rather be bloated. Life's all about choices, right?
Weighed in and measured today. (Hence the sugar free gummy bears.) Lost a few pounds since the 1st of the year. Kewl. Wonder if I'll fit that gorgeous dress I bought come the end of May? Hm... sounds like a challenge.
Shhh... you hear that? That gurgle... that grumble? That's the sound of success! Argh.
Okay... 'nuf of the pity party.
Really... I had a good day. Ministered to a few women. Chatted with another few. Chilled with hubby and kids. Looking forward to a day of quiet tomorrow. Perhaps some art as the sun won't be out... beckoning me to bask in it's rays.
My January calendar is filling up... I just pray that it's filling with the plans that the Lord has laid out for me.
Must go to sleep.
Will write again when I feel better.


Peach said...

You are FUNNY. I have loved what I've read so far. Keep it up! BTW, sugar free jelly bellys do the same thing, UGH!! Found that out in the most disgusting way. TMI, TMI : )

~Jennifer~ said...

hehe! Just the thought of sugarfree ANYTHING is funny!
I see that you're a homeschooler too! Kewl!