Friday, January 06, 2006

What am I, a squirrel? I'm munching on nuts and vegetables... ran out of ranch so the broccoli is unveiled.
Been keeping up with the weightloss, I'd lost 40 pounds by July, but have been off the wagon so to speak for the last 6 months and the weight is creeping back on.
I got rid of all of my "fat clothes", and I'll be darned if I'm going to buy new ones!
So... I haven't done a lick of exercise since New Year's... but I have watched my food and portions and lost 2 and 1/2 pounds. Yay. And... I actually enjoy the nuts... for now. Need some more ranch, though.
My husband runs the Parent's Night Out program at our church. The first Friday every month, parents from the community drop off their kids for $5 and can be gone for up to 5 hours. We feed the kids pizza and lemonaide, have a VBS disguised as a "fun night" followed by a G-Rated movie in the auditorium and voila! Parent's Night Out!

Breaking News! My six year old just joyously announced that he just made a fart sound with his armpit! He's been trying for weeks! Strangely enough he found a quarter in it... dunno where that came from. Armpit fairy?

Anyway... back to the Parent's Night Out. I had been volunteering as a teacher filling in when folks didn't show, and noticed that some parents would hang out for a bit before leaving and then come early and hang out before picking them up. So, I've set up a coffee shoppe. The last time we had it, I set up a fire pit outside with chairs and blankets surrounding it. Had white christmas lights in the trees and tables full of goodies, coffee, hot chocolate, chai, apple cider and much more. The ladies bring treats, and I provide the drinks and ambiance. And, wouldn't you know it? One of the families that warmed their hands at the fire with us now regularly attend services and preparing themselves for bible studies with Derek and me. God is good. And, I love chai.

So... I'm off today to find more goodies. Ran out of time to make the homemade scones and blueberry muffins... gonna have to hit Sam's Club. It'll be great once again! Oh! And... another parent called and asked to volunteer at the PNO Coffee Shoppe tonight... Sweeeet!

Gotta go check my teeth for broccoli bits and place this quarter in Zion's piggy bank.

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