Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My mind has been set on smaller things. Not purposefully. Not intentionally. But, life's troubles have pervaded my thoughts. I have been spiritually groggy.
In the parable of the sower, Jesus tells us that some who recieve the "seed" will soon find it choked out by life's troubles, temptations and worries. "Seasoned" christians - if not aware can fin themselves in the same bind.
I have been overwhelmed at times in the past few months by life's troubles. Finances. Health. Education. Relationships. Has this worry rendered me ineffective?
Longing for something deeper, I seek outside fulfillment, not realizing that my answer lies within my responsive relationship to Christ. It's inside of me. May the Holy Spirit have two-fold power within me to wake me from my spiritual slumber! I am a heavy sleeper.
Perhaps the finances, health, education and relationships were the alarm clock, eh?

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