Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've been avoiding the blog. Compelled to write, but uninspired. Know what I mean?

Christmas and New Year's have come and gone. It was wonderful the way fresh fudge is wonderful. The first bite... the excitement, the melting chocolate, the suprise in a soft crunch of walnut... When the Holiday Season approached, I was prepared. Music filled the house long before Thanksgiving. I began baking and decorating, shopping, preparing, inviting, writing.... but I was out of steam by the time Christmas rolled around. Overdosed. Overdosed on Christmas. Overdosed on fudge. If that's possible.

Ever write, delete, and rewrite? It's the deleted stuff you want to know, isn't it?

Joaquin Phoenix was in town today at Folsom Prison... Still haven't seen the movie. He creeps me out a bit. Coulda been his role in Gladiator. Loved that movie... but he gave me the jeebies.

Been playing Florence Nightingale around here. Three doses of medicine tonight to three kids, after a temperature taking and a trip to the doc's office for a physical. My munchekin took her shots like a big girl, so I wanted to treat her... but the sticker the doc offered didn't seem to suffice (it was, after all FOUR shots), and taking her out for sugar and fat laden icecream didn't seem a viable option either... so... I told my daughter we would go to the fanciest produce department in town and she could pick out any fruit she wanted. She went for it! She'd like a peach, please. The little one got one of those "sour apples" (granny smith). And, my oldest... the comedian plucked a huge pineapple and placed it in my cart... shrugged "what?".

Better go to bed.... morning will come long before i'm ready for it...

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